Roll 1

Pentax ME

As I have not posted on here since my first post I thought I should start posting on here more as I would like to get into blogging however I need to get into the habit more.

Bournemouth Beach

These pictures are the results from my first ever roll of film. The pictures were taken with my Prinzflex E  and a roll of  expired Kodacolor 200. I do not normally shoot with expired films but when I was trying to get into film photography I Bought 5 rolls of Kodacolor 200 and it ended up being about £0.75P for 1 roll, but this was very good for me because when I was starting film Photography I was an absolute Noob. My first roll of film was actually a roll of Kodak Gold 200, but after shooting about 80% of the roll I realised that my Zenit EM wasn’t automatic and I had shot the whole roll at 1/500 th of a second at F 2.0 and I had opened the back mid-roll at least 5 times. So I didn’t get it developed, as I would only of had about 1  shot that wasn’t either horribly under or overexposed.


The pictures from this roll are obviously not going to win any prizes any time soon but as the age old saying goes “The first pancake is always the worst”. This roll for me was mainly for me to experience film photography, as my whole photographic experience has been in Digital.


I am going to try and post all of my photos that I have taken on film on this blog, I have got to deal with a slight backlog of photos but it is very little as I only received this roll of film (My first one) on the 19th of January.


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