Roll 3


First of all sorry that I have not posted in a while as my WiFi on my computer hasn’t been working very well and also I am back at school after half term now.

Anyway this is my third roll of film that I have shot and was developed on the 22nd of February and was shot with a Cannon SureShot Z135 which was given to me by my Dad and the Film was expired Kodacolor 200 ,I don’t normally shoot with expired film but I bought 5 rolls of it cheaply to try out film photography.


All of the pictures shown are taken at Christchurch which I think has the oldest population in England.  The camera isn’t great, the lens is not very sharp and is quite slow, the lens goes from 35-135 mm from f 3.6 to f 8.9, I do not know of any other cameras that have a minimum aperture of f 8.9 at any focal length. Also there is no manual control which is hardly surprising as this camera is not really meant to be used by people like me, who want to have full control over the settings, it is meant to be used for quick pictures of friends and family or holiday photos.


This camera is the first film camera that I have used that is fully automatic (apart from disposable cameras) as my first two rolls of film were shot on classic manual exposure film Cameras which did mean that I had to slow down a lot more to take pictures as I had to:

  • Compose the picture
  • Select a good aperture for the picture
  • Meter it on my iPod with a Light meter app as my first two rolls of film were shot with the Prinzflex E which does have a meter but I don’t have the correct battery for it and the Zenit 11 which has a selenium Photocell for a meter that a) I don’t know how to use and b) I don’t think it works
  • Set the shutter speed which will give a correct exposure
  • Advance the film and take the photo

As opposed to:

  • Compose the picture and press the shutter button

on the Cannon SureShot Z135. But I do like shooting with automatic film cameras like the Olympus XA 2 and I do like shooting with the Yaschica Electro 35 GT, I know it is an apeture priority camera but it is easy to use.


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