IKEA Micke drawers hacked into shelving system


This is quite a simple hack and as all it requires is sawing off a few bits of wood , stapiling them together and if you want, for extra stability building a quick little anchor out of ribbon and stapiling it to the wall and top drawer.

Step 1

I started off by sawing off the bit on the draw that is protruding from the top (This draw will be the one on the bottom), with a coping saw. By doing this it will be more stable, but it isn’t totally necessary


Then I sawed the bit on the bottom that is protruding from the drawer, I did this as without it I wouldn’t of been able to staple it here, and I thought that it would be much more stable if I stapled it at the sides as well as at the back. This draw will be the top draw.


Step 2

Now you should staple the backs and the sides of the drawers together with a staple gun or something like that



(Sorry for the bad picture, I took the pictures after attaching it to the wall)

Step 3

If you want to you could just leave it like that and put it where you want but I felt that it was a bit too unstable so I quickly made a way of anchoring it to the wall with a bit of ribbon and staples.

All you need to do is grab a bit of ribbon and staple one end of it to the top of the top draw then staple the other end of it to a wall or a window sill, but if you are planning on attaching it to the wall then I would recommend using nails to attach it to the wall unless you have a fairly high powered staple gun as I found out that, my wall at least, is too thick for my staple gun. 



If you have any questions or ideas to improve this then please leave a comment or if you have tried other things, such as using more draws, then please do comment about it.


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One thought on “IKEA Micke drawers hacked into shelving system

  1. […] used to have an old IKEA Micke desk lying around and I have already repurposed the drawers into a little display shelf, but for the desktop I decided to something a bit more simple, to use it as a Whiteboard as it is […]

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