DIY Paper dispenser


I have a cabinet under my desk but lately it has become more of a rubbish bin so I thought I might as well try and sort the mess out, so I can actually use the space.

So I decided to make a quick lined paper dispenser to try and start clearing out the mess

What you will need


  • A piece of cardboard that is long enough to reach both the far holes in the paper
  • Paper with punched holes
  • 2 Nails or drawing pins
  • Staple gun with staples

Step 1

Get your piece of cardboard and make sure the holes on the paper both appear on the cardboard. Then push the nails through the holes in the paper, all the way through the cardboard.Image

Step 2

Then take the paper off and turn the cardboard the other way around and put the paper back on the cardboard


Step 3

Then you need to staple the paper to the cardboard, and try and staple the paper fairly high as you don’t want the tear marks to be too big.


Step 4

As I’m trying to organise my desk cabinet I decided to attach my paper dispenser to the door of it. So to attach it I just quickly stapled it to the door



If you have any questions or ideas to improve this then please leave a comment.

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