DIY Whiteboard with Hidden Storage


I used to have an old IKEA Micke desk lying around and I have already repurposed the drawers into a little display shelf, but for the desktop I decided to something a bit more simple, to use it as a Whiteboard as it is a high gloss desktop. But only recently did I think to use the back of it as a place to store some of my tools and other miscellaneous things.

So What I decided to do was to attach some metal chain onto it and the wall so I could lower it and put my tools on it, and here’s how I did it:

What you will need:

1 High gloss tabletop or an ordinary whiteboard

4 Hooks

1 Wall plug

Metal chain roughly 1 Meter

1 Split pin or Zip tie

A drill

A  Saw

Screws for mounting tools or more hooks.

Cardboard (Optional)

Sticky tape (Optional)

Step 1

Mark up where your hole for the hook in the wall will go, this will be in the middle of the whiteboard so make sure it fits, then once you’ve marked the hole drill it and insert the wall plug and the hook.


Step 2

Get you metal chain and hook it onto your hook in the wall then work out how long you want it to be or  how far you want the whiteboard to tilt out (Mine is 40 Cm). Once you’ve worked that out mark where you want it cut and cut it.

Then with the rest of the chain measure it, then half it. Once you have that mark that on the chain and cut it.


Step 3

Find the middle of your whiteboard and make a mark about half a centimetre down from that point on the back, non-glossy side. Then at the left and right side of the whiteboard make a point about 4 cm in and about half a centimetre from the top. Once you have done that drill those holes and screw in the hooks.


Step 4

Now hook the bit of chain that will go in the middle to the wall and to the hook in the middle of the whiteboard, and lower the whiteboard (The one hook can support the whiteboard but for extra stability I added 2 more hooks). Then hook the two other chains onto the two other hooks. Then make those two side chains meet on the large middle chain and put the split pin through all three chains at that point and turn the sides up or do up the zip tie.


Step 5 (Optional wall protectors)

Because I didn’t want to leave marks on the wall from where the whiteboard hooks were I decided to make some quick and simple wall protectors. All you need to do is get a piece of cardboard roughly 3X1 Cm and if you want quickly paint them and stick them up with sticky tape in the position where the hooks would lean against the wall.

Step 6 (Tool hanging)

The way you hang your tools is completely up to you, you could attach a pegboard to it or even try and make some kind of French Cleat storage system but for me I just put some screws in from which I will hang my tools, as you can see from the picture and I also stole an Idea from Casey Neistat which is outlining the tools with a permanent marker, as by doing this it helps you remember where each tools goes, and I also quickly stapled a packet of staples for my staple gun which now is one of my favourite tools.


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or improvements then please do comment. ☺

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