Why we need to use renewable energy sources

Here’s a fact for you:

Fossil fuels are going to run out, we need an alternative

Now there are loads of alternative energy sources out there each with their own pros and cons, so there isn’t one amazing flawless energy source out there. So what we need is a variety of renewable energy sources, so we couldn’t just have solar energy, could you imagine the devastation that would happen on cloudless winter months.

But why do we need to spend money on this now?

Because if we wait too long, the prices on fossil fuels will skyrocket we will have to wait years for the infrastructure that provides the renewable energy sources to develop so in the meantime we will be paying stupidly high prices for fossil fuels, and the economy will be devastated for years

What are these renewable energy sources?

This is not a comprehensive list, for more I would visit this site

Solar power- Now I’m sure you have all heard of this, but all it does is turns energy from the sun into electrical energy that can be used for your kettle. However a large area of land is required to generate large amounts of power so many people claim that by having large solar farms you will devastate local wildlife and the views of the place however small arrays of solar panels on rooftops also can generate sufficient amounts of power to power a household

Wind Power- This probably is my favourite energy source as it can generate large amounts of power, can be used offshore, so it does not affect wildlife as much as solar power however some argue that even offshore wind farms can affect the views from beaches however in my opinion wind farms are beautiful and hopefully they will become an integral part of beach views.

Hydroelectricity- I honestly am no expert on this as there are very few hydroelectric dams in England however I will try my best. So basically all it does is release water from a dam which will turn a generator. This is one of the most efficient renewable energy source as only 10% of energy is wasted and the lakes that are formed by dams can offer tourism opportunities as they are a beautiful sight and they can be used for irrigation, swimming, and fishing.  However there are high upfront costs to build dams, the dams can even lead to earthquakes if built inadequately, and finally if there was a drought then no energy could be produced

(I decided not to include nuclear power as it is not truly renewable as uranium is going to run out)


Just to finish off I want to mention why in my opinion governments aren’t using renewable energy sources as much. If you look at the demographic of those who oppose the implementation of renewable energy sources are mainly about 60 or above, so all fairly old. So in my opinion their trail of thought is; “I’m going to be dead by the time fossil fuel runs out, so why should I have to live my last 20 or so years with the government concentrating on things that I do not care about, on things that are not going to be of any use for me, they should spend their time and money on making it easier for me to go to bingo etc.” So to some up they don’t give a shit about what we, the younger generations are going to have to deal with, and the government are too scared to state this as they will lose the older voters who make up quite a bit of the voting population.

So wake up. We need to use renewable energy sources. Now



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