Why Latin, as a subject, is pointless

At my school we have to do Latin until the end of year 9 where we can drop it, so at the end of this school year I can say goodbye to 3 academic years of 152 Latin lessons or 7,600 minutes of wasted time (Yes I actually worked it out). Now some people will say it helps if you want to be a doctor as quite a lot of the names of bones, arteries e.t.c are Latin however we have never learnt anything like that, all we have learnt is about Caecillius being in his atrio, and I really do struggle to find a point in knowing this, especially as we have equal amounts of I.T lessons and Latin lessons (2 lessons per fortnight) as surely I.T which is only going to become more important should have a greater emphasis in the curriculum.Just as a “quick” side note I think that there should be more actual coding in the curriculum, not scratch or other drag and drop stuff(I think scratch e.t.c is great but it should be used as an intro to coding for a few lessons) ,actual coding. I learnt HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript at home and it was by no means difficult and if I did have an actual teacher rather than having to trawl round the internet for answers to questions so simple that no one decided to write something about the answer to it, and it didn’t help that I didn’t no what everything was called.

One time one of my friends actually asked one of my teachers what the point in Latin is and she gave no answer that could explain why we actually do it, so if the teachers don’t know why we do it, then it really does raise the question ‘Why the hell do we do Latin?’. 


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