Why I’m not patriotic

Many politicians strive to appear patriotic in a feeble attempt to gain votes which is understandable. This is generally because it’s frowned upon for someone so prominent and wanting to lead their respective country to not be patriotic and go on about how they believe in x country.
However I don’t like the idea of patriotism, firstly as I think that patriotism leads to nationalism which causes wars and intolerance in general. Just look at Nazi Germany, the ‘patriotism’ of the Nazis quickly spiraled into book burning, then suppressing Jews and other minorities, then the holocaust.
I also don’t like patriotism as I find it quite narrow minded. This is because, I think that too often people seem to forget that we are collectively the world and this is going to sound quite socialist but I think we should move forward as one and not in separate groups. For example climate change is a global event and so it would seem logical that it’s tackled on a global scale however while that is in some aspects happening with the EU and G8 there still is a disparity between the adoption of renewable and clean energy sources.
I don’t hate patriotism I just think that it’s not that great and I’m not overly proud of being British not just because of our imperialistic and slave trade heritage but because I don’t agree with the premise of patriotism.


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