Why we need to use renewable energy sources

Here’s a fact for you:

Fossil fuels are going to run out, we need an alternative

Now there are loads of alternative energy sources out there each with their own pros and cons, so there isn’t one amazing flawless energy source out there. So what we need is a variety of renewable energy sources, so we couldn’t just have solar energy, could you imagine the devastation that would happen on cloudless winter months.

But why do we need to spend money on this now?

Because if we wait too long, the prices on fossil fuels will skyrocket we will have to wait years for the infrastructure that provides the renewable energy sources to develop so in the meantime we will be paying stupidly high prices for fossil fuels, and the economy will be devastated for years

What are these renewable energy sources?

This is not a comprehensive list, for more I would visit this site

Solar power- Now I’m sure you have all heard of this, but all it does is turns energy from the sun into electrical energy that can be used for your kettle. However a large area of land is required to generate large amounts of power so many people claim that by having large solar farms you will devastate local wildlife and the views of the place however small arrays of solar panels on rooftops also can generate sufficient amounts of power to power a household

Wind Power- This probably is my favourite energy source as it can generate large amounts of power, can be used offshore, so it does not affect wildlife as much as solar power however some argue that even offshore wind farms can affect the views from beaches however in my opinion wind farms are beautiful and hopefully they will become an integral part of beach views.

Hydroelectricity- I honestly am no expert on this as there are very few hydroelectric dams in England however I will try my best. So basically all it does is release water from a dam which will turn a generator. This is one of the most efficient renewable energy source as only 10% of energy is wasted and the lakes that are formed by dams can offer tourism opportunities as they are a beautiful sight and they can be used for irrigation, swimming, and fishing.  However there are high upfront costs to build dams, the dams can even lead to earthquakes if built inadequately, and finally if there was a drought then no energy could be produced

(I decided not to include nuclear power as it is not truly renewable as uranium is going to run out)


Just to finish off I want to mention why in my opinion governments aren’t using renewable energy sources as much. If you look at the demographic of those who oppose the implementation of renewable energy sources are mainly about 60 or above, so all fairly old. So in my opinion their trail of thought is; “I’m going to be dead by the time fossil fuel runs out, so why should I have to live my last 20 or so years with the government concentrating on things that I do not care about, on things that are not going to be of any use for me, they should spend their time and money on making it easier for me to go to bingo etc.” So to some up they don’t give a shit about what we, the younger generations are going to have to deal with, and the government are too scared to state this as they will lose the older voters who make up quite a bit of the voting population.

So wake up. We need to use renewable energy sources. Now



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DIY Whiteboard with Hidden Storage


I used to have an old IKEA Micke desk lying around and I have already repurposed the drawers into a little display shelf, but for the desktop I decided to something a bit more simple, to use it as a Whiteboard as it is a high gloss desktop. But only recently did I think to use the back of it as a place to store some of my tools and other miscellaneous things.

So What I decided to do was to attach some metal chain onto it and the wall so I could lower it and put my tools on it, and here’s how I did it:

What you will need:

1 High gloss tabletop or an ordinary whiteboard

4 Hooks

1 Wall plug

Metal chain roughly 1 Meter

1 Split pin or Zip tie

A drill

A  Saw

Screws for mounting tools or more hooks.

Cardboard (Optional)

Sticky tape (Optional)

Step 1

Mark up where your hole for the hook in the wall will go, this will be in the middle of the whiteboard so make sure it fits, then once you’ve marked the hole drill it and insert the wall plug and the hook.


Step 2

Get you metal chain and hook it onto your hook in the wall then work out how long you want it to be or  how far you want the whiteboard to tilt out (Mine is 40 Cm). Once you’ve worked that out mark where you want it cut and cut it.

Then with the rest of the chain measure it, then half it. Once you have that mark that on the chain and cut it.


Step 3

Find the middle of your whiteboard and make a mark about half a centimetre down from that point on the back, non-glossy side. Then at the left and right side of the whiteboard make a point about 4 cm in and about half a centimetre from the top. Once you have done that drill those holes and screw in the hooks.


Step 4

Now hook the bit of chain that will go in the middle to the wall and to the hook in the middle of the whiteboard, and lower the whiteboard (The one hook can support the whiteboard but for extra stability I added 2 more hooks). Then hook the two other chains onto the two other hooks. Then make those two side chains meet on the large middle chain and put the split pin through all three chains at that point and turn the sides up or do up the zip tie.


Step 5 (Optional wall protectors)

Because I didn’t want to leave marks on the wall from where the whiteboard hooks were I decided to make some quick and simple wall protectors. All you need to do is get a piece of cardboard roughly 3X1 Cm and if you want quickly paint them and stick them up with sticky tape in the position where the hooks would lean against the wall.

Step 6 (Tool hanging)

The way you hang your tools is completely up to you, you could attach a pegboard to it or even try and make some kind of French Cleat storage system but for me I just put some screws in from which I will hang my tools, as you can see from the picture and I also stole an Idea from Casey Neistat which is outlining the tools with a permanent marker, as by doing this it helps you remember where each tools goes, and I also quickly stapled a packet of staples for my staple gun which now is one of my favourite tools.


Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or improvements then please do comment. ☺

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DIY Paper dispenser


I have a cabinet under my desk but lately it has become more of a rubbish bin so I thought I might as well try and sort the mess out, so I can actually use the space.

So I decided to make a quick lined paper dispenser to try and start clearing out the mess

What you will need


  • A piece of cardboard that is long enough to reach both the far holes in the paper
  • Paper with punched holes
  • 2 Nails or drawing pins
  • Staple gun with staples

Step 1

Get your piece of cardboard and make sure the holes on the paper both appear on the cardboard. Then push the nails through the holes in the paper, all the way through the cardboard.Image

Step 2

Then take the paper off and turn the cardboard the other way around and put the paper back on the cardboard


Step 3

Then you need to staple the paper to the cardboard, and try and staple the paper fairly high as you don’t want the tear marks to be too big.


Step 4

As I’m trying to organise my desk cabinet I decided to attach my paper dispenser to the door of it. So to attach it I just quickly stapled it to the door



If you have any questions or ideas to improve this then please leave a comment.

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IKEA Micke drawers hacked into shelving system


This is quite a simple hack and as all it requires is sawing off a few bits of wood , stapiling them together and if you want, for extra stability building a quick little anchor out of ribbon and stapiling it to the wall and top drawer.

Step 1

I started off by sawing off the bit on the draw that is protruding from the top (This draw will be the one on the bottom), with a coping saw. By doing this it will be more stable, but it isn’t totally necessary


Then I sawed the bit on the bottom that is protruding from the drawer, I did this as without it I wouldn’t of been able to staple it here, and I thought that it would be much more stable if I stapled it at the sides as well as at the back. This draw will be the top draw.


Step 2

Now you should staple the backs and the sides of the drawers together with a staple gun or something like that



(Sorry for the bad picture, I took the pictures after attaching it to the wall)

Step 3

If you want to you could just leave it like that and put it where you want but I felt that it was a bit too unstable so I quickly made a way of anchoring it to the wall with a bit of ribbon and staples.

All you need to do is grab a bit of ribbon and staple one end of it to the top of the top draw then staple the other end of it to a wall or a window sill, but if you are planning on attaching it to the wall then I would recommend using nails to attach it to the wall unless you have a fairly high powered staple gun as I found out that, my wall at least, is too thick for my staple gun. 



If you have any questions or ideas to improve this then please leave a comment or if you have tried other things, such as using more draws, then please do comment about it.


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Roll 3


First of all sorry that I have not posted in a while as my WiFi on my computer hasn’t been working very well and also I am back at school after half term now.

Anyway this is my third roll of film that I have shot and was developed on the 22nd of February and was shot with a Cannon SureShot Z135 which was given to me by my Dad and the Film was expired Kodacolor 200 ,I don’t normally shoot with expired film but I bought 5 rolls of it cheaply to try out film photography.


All of the pictures shown are taken at Christchurch which I think has the oldest population in England.  The camera isn’t great, the lens is not very sharp and is quite slow, the lens goes from 35-135 mm from f 3.6 to f 8.9, I do not know of any other cameras that have a minimum aperture of f 8.9 at any focal length. Also there is no manual control which is hardly surprising as this camera is not really meant to be used by people like me, who want to have full control over the settings, it is meant to be used for quick pictures of friends and family or holiday photos.


This camera is the first film camera that I have used that is fully automatic (apart from disposable cameras) as my first two rolls of film were shot on classic manual exposure film Cameras which did mean that I had to slow down a lot more to take pictures as I had to:

  • Compose the picture
  • Select a good aperture for the picture
  • Meter it on my iPod with a Light meter app as my first two rolls of film were shot with the Prinzflex E which does have a meter but I don’t have the correct battery for it and the Zenit 11 which has a selenium Photocell for a meter that a) I don’t know how to use and b) I don’t think it works
  • Set the shutter speed which will give a correct exposure
  • Advance the film and take the photo

As opposed to:

  • Compose the picture and press the shutter button

on the Cannon SureShot Z135. But I do like shooting with automatic film cameras like the Olympus XA 2 and I do like shooting with the Yaschica Electro 35 GT, I know it is an apeture priority camera but it is easy to use.


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Roll 2


Here is my 2nd roll of film and the gear used was a Zenit 11, which I use quite a bit which means £5 on eBay well spent, for once, a Helios 58mm f 2.0 and again another roll of Kodacolor 200 as I had 5 rolls of it that I got for 75 p and if you want to read more about that or see the first one in this series then the link is here.


Most of these shots were taken on a snow day  as you can probably tell from the pictures  as you can probably tell from the pictures which is a rare occurrence in the south of England.


When I got this roll of film back from the Lab I noticed on the prints that there were random blue splurges on the prints but I thought this might just have something to do with the printer but when I inspected the negatives there were definitely some spots on them. I do not know what caused this but I do now believe that it didn’t have anything to do with the Lab as I have got other films developed there bad they have all come back fine. I believe that it is the fault of the Kodacolor 200 as on the other rolls there were blue spots but not as many as the ones on this roll of film.


I use the Zenit 11 and I don’t know why I use and like it so much because technically it is a bad camera as it has no TTL metering it only has a Selenium cell which I am pretty sure is dead but I still wouldn’t know how to use it. Also the shutter Speeds are only 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500 and Bulb, the build quality isn’t great and the viewfinder isn’t very big or bright. I think I like it so much because I have a soft spot for Zenit’s as my first film SLR was a Zenit EM which I got with a Helios 58 mm f 2.0 (Which is the lens used in these photos) for £5, and ever since then I have been hooked on collecting film Cameras.


Link to the first one in the series

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Roll 1

Pentax ME

As I have not posted on here since my first post I thought I should start posting on here more as I would like to get into blogging however I need to get into the habit more.

Bournemouth Beach

These pictures are the results from my first ever roll of film. The pictures were taken with my Prinzflex E  and a roll of  expired Kodacolor 200. I do not normally shoot with expired films but when I was trying to get into film photography I Bought 5 rolls of Kodacolor 200 and it ended up being about £0.75P for 1 roll, but this was very good for me because when I was starting film Photography I was an absolute Noob. My first roll of film was actually a roll of Kodak Gold 200, but after shooting about 80% of the roll I realised that my Zenit EM wasn’t automatic and I had shot the whole roll at 1/500 th of a second at F 2.0 and I had opened the back mid-roll at least 5 times. So I didn’t get it developed, as I would only of had about 1  shot that wasn’t either horribly under or overexposed.


The pictures from this roll are obviously not going to win any prizes any time soon but as the age old saying goes “The first pancake is always the worst”. This roll for me was mainly for me to experience film photography, as my whole photographic experience has been in Digital.


I am going to try and post all of my photos that I have taken on film on this blog, I have got to deal with a slight backlog of photos but it is very little as I only received this roll of film (My first one) on the 19th of January.


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