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Receipts wasting paper


Today I went to Southampton with my family and I bought a book which looks quite interesting, but this post isn’t about me buying a book otherwise it would be quite a boring post. What this post is about the essay of a receipt I got which measures a whopping 30 Cm, and it isn’t as if I went out and bought 100 books I bought 1 book so why is it so long and just in case you don’t believe me then here is the receipt:



What this is, is blatant wasting of paper and I know that some of you will be thinking, “why the f*** is this guy winging about having such a big receipt”. Well I’m “winging” about it because if I got such a big receipt then other people will get big receipts and Waterstones is a big retailer probably the main book shop in the U.K with over 100 stores so there are going to hundreds of thousands massive receipts which is going to waste massive amounts of paper, the amount wasted could even be measured in Km’s. Wasting this much paper is a drain on our natural resources and increases the amount of paper in use, so increases the demand for new paper which means more deforestation. As a result of this there will be less trees to take in all the CO2 that we produce, so by wasting this much paper Waterstones are basically saying “Pfffft who needs the environment”.

I’m not saying that they should get rid of receipts all together but they could shorten them by half if they removed all the unnecessary line spacing, the “Pin verified” box, the VAT summary and, the bit that says “Please debit account..”as I think it’s fairly obvious that it’s £7.99 as it says the total at the top.

But what would happen if Waterstones and possibly even many major shops got rid of receipts for little transactions like my book transaction or if you just bought a pencil sharpener? I would predict that not that much would happen as how many people actually hold onto receipts if they just bought a 99p pencil sharpener, I would say that number would be pretty close to 0, so why bother getting a receipt  if your just going to throw it away?

But I also have another Idea for getting rid of paper receipts completely, by making them electronic. So for example if you are lucky enough to of just got a new TV at Currys and you paid with your Credit/Debit card, then Currys would automatically email you that receipt when you paid with your Credit/Debit card. This idea would work so when you input your PIN it would not only allow X amount of money to be withdrawn, it would also allow the machine to see your email to send you the receipt. Now I understand this would take quite a lot of implementation, to be achieved but I think it would not only help the enviroment but it would also save retailers quite a lot of money as it would get rid of the need for receipt printers, ink for the receipt printer and the paper required.

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