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The problems with Facebook

I use Facebook almost every day but its got problems, lots of problems.

Recently Facebook has become mainly for people that know some funny alt codes for their “Teen swag” pages then they go grovelling on popular pages to gain more followers by telling their life story and how they’ll send them a friend request if they like their page. Then these people post posts which are utterly idiotic and just fishing for likes like this one.


The most unfortunate thing is that people take these things seriously as if Mr. Zuckerburg is watching everybody’s screens just waiting to phone up Satan to alert him of a naughty person who didn’t like this photo, so their family must burn in hell. I seriously lose my faith in humanity every time I see something like this.

Then there’s Facebook approach to “Privacy”, I think that most people know that by default Facebook lets everyone see pretty much everything about you but it’s fairly easy to change all of it, but it’s the other side of Facebook’s “privacy” that’s the main problem, them sharing your data to advertising companies and other companies. They have been sued many times because of this, one of the most recent ones was them being sued by a French consumer group for what it called “abusive and illicit” use of personal data, so they could sell users data so they could be targeted with advertising campaigns. Of course if you are one of the very few that decide to read the 5,354 words of Facebook’s privacy policy then you would presumably feel very bored, maybe even inclined to sue, which is what a French consumer group did as they said it was “illegible” and “incomprehensible”  to the average users who don’t have a law degree, let alone those who liked that pizza post.

However despite these flaws people ,including me, still use Facebook because it’s pretty addictive and there aren’t any alternatives, that I know of, to it that have been as widely adopted as Facebook. I did read of something that people in the olden’ days used to do called talking to people, face to face, which could be an alternative to Facebook, but that sounds like a stupid idea, I mean where do you put the like button?


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